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Top 100 Books Of All Time

Hello and welcome to this challenge. Bet you didn't realise it would be a challenge when you clicked on the link right? Well it is, at least for me, but feel free to join in and have a go if you feel like it.

My Challenge?

To read every book on the list below and them review them for you all on here.

Your Challenge?

To do the same if you fancy and chat to others that are doing on here through the upcoming Facebook Group. (Link to follow)

The books that are on this list comprise BBC's top 100 books of all times according to a public survey in 2003 ( I get that it might have changed by now but we can look into that later._

Well so how about it, are you ready to join me in the challenge of reading the top 100 books of all time (according to to the BBC's survey)?

If so..... read on!

Top 100 Book List.

Having been through the list there are lots of books that I have already read, but many not since childhood. So I am going to start with the ones I already know well, then re-read the ones I have forgotten and then tackle the ones I have not read at all yet.

Also while I was doing the list a thought came into my mind. What about all the dyslexic and illiterate people out there. People can have difficulty reading for any number of reasons I have one dyslexic in my family and one person for whom English is not his first language as well as many people in my life for whom reading is not the be all and end all like is it for me and my eldest daughter Jess. I am hoping to get her to do a few reviews on here so fingers crossed!

With this in mind I have decided to make a couple of other pages on here. On one I will link movies for as many of the books I review that have them. The other page will be audio books with the caveat.

I hope that you enjoy the challenge and don't forget the list for the books is here!

Happy Reading, Nici xxx