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Robert J. Crane

There isn't a lot of information about Robert J. Crane around on the internet which to me is a crying shame. I have read pretty much every book he has published and think he is a fantastic writer (although his death counts can be high and be very brutal). I think that pulls me in even more though because his characters are so well written that every emotion is ground out of you as you read through.

Now this might not sound a great way to start a review, especially of a writer that you admire so much, but every bit of it is true. The reason I count this author as one of my favourite modern writers is because he does do all that to you, kills off everybody, but still leaves you begging for more. I have read his various books several times over and still can't wait until new releases come out and still want to read them again.

We are big Minecraft fans here and we joined together on a local network to re-create the places talked about in the Sanctuary books. It was our favourite place to play together, but regrettably Jess had to do a hard reset of her computer that was hosting the server and we lost the lot. My younger boys (who don't read these books yet, trust me) often complain that they miss Sanctuary when talking about Minecraft.

But I digress, less about Minecraft, more about Robert J. Crane. He has three book series that he works on, the aforementioned Sanctuary books, a series called Southern Watch and the Girl in the Box and Out of the Box books.

It is the latter that I am going to start my book reviews on as I have just finished reading them. Of course this leaves me time to re-read the others before reviewing them. Before that however, here is a brief introduction to each of the series.

Girl in the Box - This series follows 17-18 year old Sienna Nealon as she escapes incarceration in her home to discover the world of Meta Humans and her place within it. Gritty and engrossing, these books cover 10 Girl in the Box books and up to 25 Out of the Box books, we are just waiting for Hollow, Out of the Box book 12 which is set for release on 17th January. I for one can't wait, Sienna has proved an inspiration to me and the way the Robert J. Crane handles both the fear, anger and aggression and the wounded 17 year old girl is breathtaking.

Sanctuary - When I first started reading the Sanctuary books, I felt like I had come home, it was amazing. A long time player of World of Warcraft, I soon recognised the theme of these books which was basically guild life in a world possessed by madness. Epic Battles, Heroic Healers, guilds and fights and romance and.... Well as a guild master on World of Warcraft, just let me say, I relate to this series so strongly. The death count in this book seems outrageous and the dialogue is punch, gritty and often very amusing. Roll on the next Sanctuary related book series to come out soon!

The final series is the Southern Watch books and these cover a whole new dimension of magic and mayhem. Demon fighters from the most unlikely sources begin to gather in a small town as it becomes a hotbed of demon activity. In fact demons in all of their forms and malignancy also start to gather there and small town politics meets local law enforcement and politics with often amazing results.

So as you can see I am kind of fond of this author and so really want to spread the word about his unsung excellence. If you like epic stories with the most amazing kinds of action and heroics make Robert J. Crane top of your To Read list for 2017.

Wishing you relaxing reading,
Nici xxx

Robert J. Crane's Books.

Girl In The Box.

1.   Alone.
2.  Untouched.
3.  Soulless.
4.  Family.
5.  Omega.
6.  Broken.
7.  Enemies.
8.  Legacy.
9.  Destiny.
10. Power.

Out Of The Box.

1.  Limitless.
2.  In The Wind.
3.  Ruthless.
4.  Grounded.
5.  Tormented.
6.  Vengeful.
7.  Sea Change.
8.  Painkiller.
9.  Masks.
10. Prisoners.
11. Unyielding.
12. Hollow.