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George Orwell

George Orwell was actually called Eric Arthur Blair and lived between 25 June 1903-21 January 1950. He was English born in British India, and in fact we are so proud of him, in 2008 The Times ranked him second on a list of Top British Authors Since 1945. As well as writing his familiar dystopian fiction which many people know him for, he wrote non-fiction books on his experiences in the Spanish Civil War, essays on politics and literature, and political allegories such as his Animal Farm. Overall, he was a very accomplished writer with an interesting life!

George Orwell, Courtesy of Wikipedia
His two most famous works are 1984 and Animal Farm, and having read both of those one of the things they have in common is that they are very bleak. Orwell was fiercely anti-Facism and anti-Stalinism and even in his fiction that comes across in the bleak societies he paints. Neither of the books I have read is one that paints a happy picture but one of slowly dawning horror, and it is a testament to his skill as a writer that I kept reading despite that. If you read the review you will know I did not get on with Animal Farm, but regardless said it was a great book for helping people to understand how atrocities can happen and why people do not always act the way we would like to think we would.

His writing is incredibly relevant in today's time despite being written over half a century before, and although I would say that 1984 especially does not represent today's society, it can explain how such a society can happen. Regardless of your feelings on current events, it is hard to argue that big changes are happening and it is easy to see why George Orwell remains an acclaimed author today, as his path into dystopia appears be frighteningly relevant to many.

This is a rather short author page as George Orwell was a rather interesting man, but you can read that on Wikipedia, and the brilliance of his writing is better experienced than described, and I cannot do that without typing out the book! Regardless, I hope it has perhaps persuaded you to check him out, or if you have already and like him, that I have done him justice!

Obviously his bibliography is rather long and contains a lot of essays, so I shall be posting his two most famous here for now and adding more as I discover them!

Animal Farm