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About US

Hi and welcome to the J.E.N.D.S Amazon book review blog.

J.E.N.D.S (standing for Jess, Edward, Nici and Dan's) is our family company name and we use this company to do all kinds of things online.

We make and sell Jewellery in our Etsy Jewellery store Chalice of Jends and we make and sell mosaics in our Etsy store Mostly Micro Mosaics. My fiance (who is new to the family in terms of company name) Pascal is also trying to get started making hand painted ceramics and selling them online, more of that once it gets going!

I (Nici) run several Facebook pages and Blogs, have 4 books published on Kindle myself and make all the Jewellery and Mosaics. Jess is our tech support and social media manager and it is the two of us that are doing the book reviews on this particular blog. My 8 year old Daniel, has just cracked the reading skill though, so expect some reviews from him in the future!

The blog is monetised with widgets in the side bar and links in the reviews, this is a necessary evil if I wish to be able to buy more books to review. But don't worry, even if you follow a link and buy a book or anything on our Amazon Affiliate Blogs this will in no way affect the amount of money you have to pay for your purchases. (P.S. That was the small print!).

So that's it really except to say that I will be reviewing books for all age groups on here, including for the little ones so please make anything you say in the comments box is as suitable for the under 18 as possible.

If you are looking for a review on something darker or racy, pop and see me on my Facebook Page where you can send me a pm. Again please do not write anything inappropriate on the wall as it is also family friendly. Just send me a message and I will see what I can do.

Hope you like it here and find a quiet corner to sit and read.

If anyone is putting the kettle on make mine a cappuccino :D

Nic xxx