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Sunday, 29 January 2017

What Are You Reading Right Now?

Did you get any good books for Christmas? Do you have any new kindle books or book vouchers? Let us know what you are reading right now and we will add it onto our review list.

Jess is reading Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and has just finished George Orwell's famous Animal Farm. You can check out her review here if you want to see what she thought of it.

I am reading quite a bit all at once because that is just how I roll. No seriously it is more to do with whether we have hard copies that I can actually hold to read or kindle copies but just as a guideline to my chaotic brain I am reading the Skullduggery Pleasant Books by Derek Landy (I am on book 9, author page and reviews to follow), Sabriel by Garth Nix and The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell (hard going but on the top 100 books list and I drew the short straw!).

I have several other books by my bedside as well though so I am not going to have to hunt for reading material for a while.

One of the reasons that we decided to do this blog is that Jess and I especially love to read, own thousands of books and are (I have to admit) a bit opinionated. My 8 year old Dan has just started reading proper books, his reading is coming on in leaps and bounds and so he wants to help write the reviews for the children's books we read. My middle child Teddy has pronounced special needs but loves to read comics and graphic novels and so he is going to help with that side of things. As always with J.E.N.D.S. a proper family affair. Is reading a big thing in your family or are you the only one that enjoys a good book?

Let us know in the comments box below or pop to our Facebook Page to have a chat about what you like to read the most.

Happy Reading, Nici xxx